deadlytoque (deadlytoque) wrote,

Pendragon Hack ideas

So, a while back I started running the most recent edition of Pendragon, trying to crunch through the gigantic campaign. I have a group of people who dig on Arthurian legend, so it seemed like a good fit.

We ran into a few problems, however:

1) So many skills! And a lot of them never get used;
2) Not everyone digs intense property/estates/family management, but it's probably really beneficial to know who your character is related to and how well-off your estates are. Maybe it isn't that important, but it certainly seem that way;
3) Greatly not impressed by the mass combat system.

So, I'm thinking of trying to hack in into something a little simpler, while maintaining the parts we did like, namely the Character Traits and Passions.

So, here's my basic idea:
1) Get rid over everything except the Traits and Passions, and just make players roll those when appropriate, instead of using them to modify skills. That means that the scene will be about "Justice" or "Piety" or whatever, rather than those things just influencing "Sword";
2) Get the players who really dig the family-tree plotting to do up the whole works for everyone, letting the less-interested players off the hook;
3) Reduce the complex wealth/property management system to something easier, maybe the outcome of a single die; the characters' estates will be described based on their Traits (so a Pious one might have a cathedral, a Worldly one a renowned inn).

My other idea is to use a rules set more like Houses of the Blooded, but with a little more GM control, to ensure that the big expensive hardback campaign book stays relevant. That's got duels and family trees and estates and the like. Maybe hack in the Traits from Pendragon.

Anyone have any other suggestions?
Tags: hacks, pendragon, rpg

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